About Us

Bhonwal School of Engineering has been setup by the Bhonwal Educational Trust Lucknow. The Society itself is dedicated to the cause of Technical and Professional Education. As all of us are aware that technical literacy percentage in the country is not very much as compared to the percentage in the developed countries especially U.P. lag behind in this field. Apart from the low percentage the quality of the technical education has also been an issue. Here comes the importance of Technical Skills and professionalism. Keeping in view the need to improve the quality of average students we have endeavored to set up this institution. The campus of the institution is located on Lucknow-Bijnor-Banthara road it is on the vicinity of CRPF Campus and Azad Engineering College. It is very well connected with Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station and other parts of Lucknow city UPSRTC city buses tempos and taxis are available for the transport city buses of route no.25 are frequently avalable from Charbagh Railway Station. The Campus is full of greenery and very spacious. It has large playground and other facilities for indoor games. One endeavor is to build a learning centre for the students by systematic prioritization of staff qualities such as flexibility innovation capacity and the ability. These qualities are safeguard through continuous competence enhancement of the staff peer reviews of research education and organizational culture. which inspires and encourages experimentation. Full featured laboratories help to study the pros and cons of various technical environments innovations are constantly introduced to make the technical learning process more exciting encouraging and effective.